2 Super Smart Design Tips

  1. These Smart Tiles have you all seen?

I’m so intrigued!

Smart Tiles claims they are specifically designed for bathroom and kitchen environments (not in showers) and can withstand heat from stovetops. They are lightweight, easy to cut, handle and maintain and can be placed on walls for as long or as you like.

Cristina at Fuji Files added the subway-style tiles to her existing travertine tiles.

They are also available at Lowe’s and Home Depot. She suggested that they be tried if you’re trying to renovate your kitchen or rent a place and want to make some permanent improvements.

  1. Claire Brody used window treatment to bring together the different-sized windows in her living area.

Look at what she did! It’s so smart! She raised her curtain rods near the crown molding, and placed her window shades outside her windows to make them look the same height and width. Floor-length (Ikea), drapes add the finishing touch and tie it all together.