7 Amazing Design Ideas That Breathtaking Inspired Me

Some of the most interesting design-related items I see on Instagram are some that I have seen. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here, in case they aren’t already on IG.

This DIY chandelier was posted on Olive and Ford’s Instagram feed.

It’s a Home Depot crystal chandelier, with an orb made from rusty barrel straps. It’s gorgeous!

I was also stunned by this photo from Kate’s Instagram feed:

This fixture is made from jute twine, hula hoops, and an Ikea $40 chandelier. HULA HOOPS This is so cool! How cool is that!

When this next picture popped up on my feed, it nearly made my head explode.

Kristine of The Painted Hive posted it. Another pic she snapped of the piece is here:

…and because you want to know how she did that, here’s the link to her how to post!

This Insta-photo Kristine took of me for quite a while, too.

It’s so sweet! And would you believe there’s a DESKLAMP on the wall! #genius

When I looked at the caption below this photo in Jess Wasserman’s feed, I discovered that these carrara-look counters had been LAMINATE. Boom! #MindBlown

The stunning “wood” floors in her entire house were also laminated, which I discovered at Lowes.

(I was on the lookout for flooring for Kevin’s parents and Jess’s glowing reviews convinced me that this is what I’m going to choose! It’s called Handscraped Hickory, and it’s manufactured by Swiftlock.

Farmhouse For Four wallpapered fridge pic