9 Inspiring Trash-to-treasure Projects

I’ve got flea market fever lately, y’all.

Kevin asked me what I wanted for my birthday this month. I replied that I wanted something sweet, something to read, and some time at Amy’s Antiques. Kevin asked me what I wanted for my birthday earlier this month. I replied that something sugary, or something to read, and that I would like to spend a couple of hours at Amy’s Antiques.

Lucky for me and my thoughtful husband, June 5th brought with itself a coconut cream pie (my favourite!) The book is pictured above. It’s so inspiring! It was too busy for me to go to the flea markets, so I had to put off. It was still fun to walk around the flea market a week later than I had planned. Amy Antique’s closed, but Eastbrook was so I went. You can view the videos I took while out and about on Instagram by clicking on my profile picture (on the app).

In the spirit of flea market fever, I thought it would fun to share a post on some amazing “trash to treasure” makeovers. These make me want transform!

  1. Piano turned desk:

This is a great way to bring life back to an old piano!

  1. 2.

This is one of my favourite palet projects.

  1. A regular mirror is now a floral mirror

Tissue paper never looked so good!

  1. Fun file cabinet center for boring file cabinets

I don’t know how many cheap or free old file cabinets I have seen. They would look great painted a fun color, and then topped with wood.

  1. Window art from an old window:

What’s so special about glass lettering? So charming!

  1. 6.

There are many wonderful shutter projects, but this one really makes my heart sing.

  1. Side table for suitcase:

This idea is my favorite. Beautiful bedside: vintage suitcase and wooden tray table

  1. Four-poster bed made from house parts

Good morning, bed of your dreams!

  1. Headboard transformed into a fence gate

It’s such a beautiful place to visit!

Are you a recent upcycler? Let me know about your projects!