One Room Challenge And A Bungalow Barn Update

Calling It Home has a post today featuring nearly 200 room reveal photos. It’s part of the “One Room Challenge” series. Vanessa Francis’ before and after kitchen is my favorite. Before…

Isn’t this gorgeous? I’m so glad Kev and his parents chose a simple white interior. The flooring will be delivered today to the Bungalow Barn and, fingers crossed, it will be installed Monday and Tuesday. Jim and Katie chose Swiftlock’s Antique Hickory laminated wood flooring. It is the exact same flooring Jess Wasserman used throughout their home and feels exactly like hand-scraped hardwood. These are photos taken from her Instagram-feed.

Katie purchased it from our local Lowes and I cannot wait to see the transformation in her space next week. When everything is done, I’ll share photos with you!

How To Paint Ceramic Floor Tile

Homegirl literally painted ceramic tiles she had to match the appearance of cement tiles! You can see it!

This is so creative! Scrolling down to the bottom of her comment thread, she stated that the paint/sealing has only needed to be touched up in a few spots.

I came across a second blog post by her that showed how she carried the pattern into the mudroom.

Beautiful! (My knees ache when I think of actually painting it, ha!)

DIY Window Pane Mirror Tutorial

Have you had a great weekend? We sure did! Even finished the DIY project that I mentioned last week. This mirror by Ballard Designs inspired it.

This one is $549. That’s about $500 more than our budget. So I decided to try and find a $50 alternative. Here is what I came up:

Step 1: Buy three door mirrors ($5.88 each) from Walmart.

Step 2: You may have to purchase pink frames if they are out of black, like I was! Tape off the mirrors, and then spray the frames black.

Step 3: Use a small paintbrush to make sure the pink color is not reflected on any glass parts.

Step 4: When the paint dries, scrape it off.

Step 5: Pick nine trim molding pieces.

Step 6: Spray each piece’s back and front with a sprayer

Step 7: Use E-6000 to glue nine pieces of trim molding together with the mirrors. You can also use scrap wood “spacers”, to ensure that the trim pieces are straightened and spaced evenly.

Step 8: Attach double-sided foam tape to each mirror’s back.

Scotch brand “Outdoor”, tape was used to support items up to 15 pounds. Each of our mirrors weighs 5 lbs.

Step 9: To ensure that the mirrors stay straight, use a level or a board to attach them to the wall.

Notice: Our mirrors were slightly different in size so we lined ours up on the top instead of the bottom because that’s where the most visibility is.

9 Inspiring Trash-to-treasure Projects

I’ve got flea market fever lately, y’all.

Kevin asked me what I wanted for my birthday this month. I replied that I wanted something sweet, something to read, and some time at Amy’s Antiques. Kevin asked me what I wanted for my birthday earlier this month. I replied that something sugary, or something to read, and that I would like to spend a couple of hours at Amy’s Antiques.

Lucky for me and my thoughtful husband, June 5th brought with itself a coconut cream pie (my favourite!) The book is pictured above. It’s so inspiring! It was too busy for me to go to the flea markets, so I had to put off. It was still fun to walk around the flea market a week later than I had planned. Amy Antique’s closed, but Eastbrook was so I went. You can view the videos I took while out and about on Instagram by clicking on my profile picture (on the app).

In the spirit of flea market fever, I thought it would fun to share a post on some amazing “trash to treasure” makeovers. These make me want transform!

  1. Piano turned desk:

This is a great way to bring life back to an old piano!

  1. 2.

This is one of my favourite palet projects.

  1. A regular mirror is now a floral mirror

Tissue paper never looked so good!

  1. Fun file cabinet center for boring file cabinets

I don’t know how many cheap or free old file cabinets I have seen. They would look great painted a fun color, and then topped with wood.

  1. Window art from an old window:

What’s so special about glass lettering? So charming!

  1. 6.

There are many wonderful shutter projects, but this one really makes my heart sing.

  1. Side table for suitcase:

This idea is my favorite. Beautiful bedside: vintage suitcase and wooden tray table

  1. Four-poster bed made from house parts

Good morning, bed of your dreams!

  1. Headboard transformed into a fence gate

It’s such a beautiful place to visit!

Are you a recent upcycler? Let me know about your projects!