DIY Window Pane Mirror Tutorial

Have you had a great weekend? We sure did! Even finished the DIY project that I mentioned last week. This mirror by Ballard Designs inspired it.

This one is $549. That’s about $500 more than our budget. So I decided to try and find a $50 alternative. Here is what I came up:

Step 1: Buy three door mirrors ($5.88 each) from Walmart.

Step 2: You may have to purchase pink frames if they are out of black, like I was! Tape off the mirrors, and then spray the frames black.

Step 3: Use a small paintbrush to make sure the pink color is not reflected on any glass parts.

Step 4: When the paint dries, scrape it off.

Step 5: Pick nine trim molding pieces.

Step 6: Spray each piece’s back and front with a sprayer

Step 7: Use E-6000 to glue nine pieces of trim molding together with the mirrors. You can also use scrap wood “spacers”, to ensure that the trim pieces are straightened and spaced evenly.

Step 8: Attach double-sided foam tape to each mirror’s back.

Scotch brand “Outdoor”, tape was used to support items up to 15 pounds. Each of our mirrors weighs 5 lbs.

Step 9: To ensure that the mirrors stay straight, use a level or a board to attach them to the wall.

Notice: Our mirrors were slightly different in size so we lined ours up on the top instead of the bottom because that’s where the most visibility is.