Our Country-style Christmas Tree

This year, I had way too much fun decorating the tree. 2020 made me do it. I chose to be cheerful. I went with a country-style Christmas feel and used many things that felt homemade/spun. Popcorn, braided wool garland and balls of yarn (completely with knitting needles inside! Stocking, embroidery hoops and gingerbread cookies, as well as candy canes and yarn balls (complete with knitting needles inside!).

Although I don’t always follow a theme, this one brings me joy! It will likely be a work-in-progress until I take it down at the end of February. In case you were interested in something, I’ll post links (affiliate or non-affiliate).

Candy Canes

Yarn balls

  • Gingerbread Truck
  • Gingerbread Truck 2
  • Gingerbread Car
  • Red Glass Balls
  • Santa Claus Heads
  • Nice Embroidery Hoop

Plaid House

  • Red & white Fabric Strip Balls
  • Extra-large Red Matte Balls

These are the links I have for all of them, so I apologise if I didn’t include one. I can confirm that the soft snowflakes were purchased from Target, the cozy knit garland was purchased from Crate & Barrel, and the cloches came from Balsam Hill. We also bought the white paper houses, stars, and cloches at Ikea last year. Oh! And I ordered the faux popcorn garland from FactoryDirectOutlet.com and I got the gold bead garland at Ikea this year. The stuff is only $1.49 and covers 12 feet.

For gift boxes under the tree, Target, HomeGoods and Ikea are my top choices for wrapping paper. I also love Target and Ikea for their selection of wrapping paper. Michaels also has the best selections of twine, yarn and ribbon. I found all my items on their website.

Speaking of Christmas decorating, my favorite thing to do is listen to Christmas music as I trim the tree. I have a Spotify playlist that I created, which you can add to your Spotify library. It’s called The Lettered Christmas.

That collection has 44 songs. But, like the ornaments I have been adding new songs every day! Mindy Smith’s “Santa Will Find You”, my latest favorite, is it. It’s amazing! It’s so good! Steevenson’s favorite song is “Last Christmas”, by Wham. He must have played the song fifteen times in one night when we made cupcakes last night. His tiny voice, singing any chorus, is one of my most treasured sounds and I will be forever grateful for it.

I hope to share with you our Christmas mantel as well as my Christmas secretary desk later this week. These areas have been made more festive by me this month.

What about you? Did you get bitten by decorating this weird year? I understand that not everyone feels up to the task and I certainly can sympathize with that mindset. It has been a difficult year in 2020. I hope that your family is safe and well, and that you have a happy holiday season, doing whatever brings you joy and peace.