Southern Style Walk Grouping

Vintage Floral Painting Canvas
Although I am not done with the wall grouping, I thought I would blog about it while I wait for the last (tiny!) piece. It’s in our hallway, right outside our bedroom. I love it!

I placed the cracked painting in a shadowbox (at Michaels, 50% off) that I bought.

To secure it, I used the tiny pearl-headed pins included with it.

I find that I prefer to balance things that are a bit feminine or vintage with something more modern and contemporary. Kevin, although he hasn’t said it, seems to appreciate that kind of balance. Especially when it comes down to my love for “granny chic”.

This shadowbox has a unique feature that I love. It’s deep which allows you to display things in a new way. I brought down a few blue and white bowls, which I loved the addition of dimension to the grouping.

The tray with hand-painted dogwood blossoms on the top came from the same flea marketplace as the crackled canvas painting.

The price was reduced from $12 to TWO DOLLARS. Can you believe it? It was marked down from $12 to TWO DOLLARS (can you believe that?). I only noticed the dogwoods on both pieces a few days later. It was a great discovery! The original tray had orange-toned handles made of wood. I painted them using some of my “Rosemary Gallery”, leftover paint, so that they blended in with the rest.

The other white plate has been my forever (it was a flea market find too) and I look forward to adding a small vinyl graphic to its center when it arrives later in the week.

This grouping was fun to keep the “front porch” theme. It should have this vibe:

A while back, I came across the “Front Porch Farmer” book and an old flat-sawn porch baluster at the local flea market. I used the book as a Christmas gift and kept it on my mantel.

I love that the book pages and baluster are exactly the same color.

The vinyl graphic that I am adding to the white plates will be related to sweet tea…I’ll be back Wednesday to show you how it turned out!